Aegir Port Property Advisers

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to produce exemplary port property results – worldwide.

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the world of port properties

Our services are a cost effective manner for tenants to obtain the type of data and independent advice necessary to ensure that they achieve the most optimal transaction for their port related facilities needs. For ports, our services ensure that port property assets will achieve meaningful, real returns of and on capital invested with terms and conditions that adequately safeguard the port’s interests.

Ensures an organization’s property portfolio operates at optimal efficiency to create maximum revenues, values and synergies with its core business goals and objectives. Port properties may range from any type of industrial or commercial facility with single or multiple tenancies to vacant land.

Property, being ports’ largest assets, will increasingly play a major role in the way ports finance their expansion and modernization needs. Furthermore, senior port management increasingly are looking to have a realistic assessments of the true market value of their port property assets in order to better run their business and make decisions on such things as setting lease rates and throughput charges.

Aegir’s diversified port property consultancy services offers a port authority, its terminal operator, user or investor a comprehensive approach to maximizing the financial performance, value and use of its property assets and leaseholds.
At Aegir our focus is to meet the unique property challenges of ports through a multi disciplined comprehensive approach to produce practical, market driven solutions.



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