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About Us

Donato Spedaliere


Founded by DONATO SPEDALIERE in the rolling hills of Tuscany, not far from the Umbrian beautiful lake, our studio has always excelled in delivering high quality visual art.

Born in Switzerland and raised in Italy, Donato has studied in the Accademia of Belle Arti in Florence. His talent, capacities and solid artistic background were turned first to illustration, where he has worked with the best international publishers. His illustrations appeared not only in Book Series, Specialized Magazines and Encyclopedias, but also in Museums and International exhibitions. Soon after Donato has grown to become a 3D artist, developing complex 3D models, to be used for reconstructing and documenting archaeological areas, modern architecture constructions, scientific tools, military weapons and vehicles.

In addition, Donato participated in movies productions as a supervisor of the special- effect team, matte painter, concept designer and screen writer.

Sarah Rina Sulemsohn


I was born in Romania, and migrated to Israel with my family, at a young age. Graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (B.A. degree in Comparative Linguistic) and worked as a tourist guide. I chose this profession so I can meet a variety of people from all over the world, with different cultural, and religious backgrounds.

At the age of 30 I moved to Italy. The beauty of Tuscany, its history and art became a fountain of inspiration for me, resulting in a change of career and interests. I decided to study Architecture and graduated from Università degli Studi di Firenze. Later on, I have worked on developing free-hand painting techniques, and participated in various Art Exhibitions. Meanwhile, continuing my work in the linguistic field: teaching Hebrew at the University of Florence, translating DVDs for Warner Bros, and participating in some tourism oriented projects.

Since 1994, I have had the pleasure of working with Donato Spedaliere, sharing with him multifaceted interests and passions for the creation of a sophisticated artistic production.

Languages spoken: English, Italian, French, Hebrew and Romanian (also basic level of Spanish and Portuguese).



  • Hannibal documentary movie – European Community Funds Obulus – American Institute Film, LA, USA


  • Wendigo – Screen play and concepts
  • Alpha Moon Base – Screen play and concepts
  • Tobruk – WW2 documentary
  • Nazi’s Secret Weapons – WW2 documentary


  • Brown University, Rhode Island, USA
  • Hannibal Museum, Perugia, Italy
  • International Illustrators Museum, Bosen, Italy
  • International Book Fair, Bologna, Italy


  • BBC History, London, UK
  • Kent History, Kent County Council, UK
  • Fleurus Group, Paris, France
  • Osprey Publishing, Oxford, Uk
  • Bloomsbury Publishing, London, UK
  • Annes Publishing, London, Uk
  • Bonnier Group, Copenhagen, Danmark
  • Videnskab Illustreret, Copenhagen, Danmark
  • Treccani Encyclopaedia, Rome, Italy
  • Mondadori Group, Milano, Italy
  • Domus Group, Milano, Italy
  • Soka Gakkai, Tokyo, Japan
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