Simple tips to enjoy spring break with your dog

Spring season is coming, in which many people are prepared to travel with their family to take a few days off; however, those who have dogs have to take some additional steps if they want to take their furry friend with them.
Sure, this experience can be very funny and less worrying if you do not have to look where to leave the dog this season, either with a family member, friend or a place of care. Although the reality is that they are not used to traveling by plane or being locked in a car for long.
For that reason, it is important to take into consideration a number of tips to make more bearable for the dog the trip, among which include:
* First you should take your dog for a consultation with a vet to perform a medical evaluation and make sure that it is in good health.
* Get a necklace with an identification tag, or the implantation of a microchip, which will allow you to find your dog in case if it get lost.
* In case you need to use a cage for your dog to travel, it is important to accustom it to be inside the cage, which should be comfortable so it can feel safe.
* In this process always keep a positive attitude and a good body language, avoiding shouting or forcing your dog to enter any place.
* If traveling by car, you must also put your dog in a cage in the back of the vehicle, in order to ensure their safety and avoid distractions, even prevent the dog being ejected in the case of an accident.
* You should not feed your dog before you leave. Try to feed it at least 2 hours before to prevent vomiting due to the movements of the car. Even avoid feeding you dog during the trip, wait until you make a stop to give it a dog biscuit, while taking it for a walk to burn off some energy.
* Do not leave your dog locked alone in the car, especially if there is high temperature, as it may suffer from heat stroke or dehydration.
* If you are going to travel by plane, before buying the ticket, you must figure out the rules of the airline to transport pets; since most of them requires health certificates, vaccinations, passport or other documents, which must be taken into consideration to avoid problems at the airport.
* Before the plane ride is also advisable to feed the dog at least 2 hours before the flight, and take it to do its physiological needs before leaving and ensure it is hydrated.
* If your dog is traveling with you on the plane try to locate it in a place where it won´t bother other passengers.
* If your dog is traveling in cargo of the plane, you can put in their cage a toy of their choice, a blanket or some object that makes it feel comfortable and quiet, and don´t make dramatic scene when delivering it, because it can cause stress for your dog.
* Some people choose to medicate the dog with a sedative or a tranquilizer, to keep it quiet; however, it is important to consult with your vet about this technique.
* Similarly, another very important detail is that if you are going to stay in a hotel or in a rented apartment, see if they accept the presence of dogs, as for some people the presence of a dog can be annoying.
* If the presence of your dog is accepted, you should watch the attitude of the canine within the premises and its behavior with strangers. Similarly, you should make sure that your dog feel comfortable in the room and the place where it will be for several days.
* If you are going to move on public transport, you should also consult with the company and the driver on the conditions to move the pet.
* Prepare a bag with all the dogs implements, its food jars, cloth, blanket, cloth to clean the dog a raincoat to protect the seat and other useful objects.

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