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Soul Centered & The Soul Experience

Discover Your Self. Center Your Soul.

Discover Your Self. Center Your Soul.

Soul Centered provides holistic guidance and inspirational experiences around loss and healing as pathways to discover meaning, uncover healing and live a soul centered life.

Soul Centered is a center for anyone, secular or religious, from any faith tradition or spiritual practice, navigating any type of loss or seeking physical, emotional or spiritual healing. Soul Centered is informed by Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism) and Kabbalistic practice, inspired by spiritual insights, healing practices and rituals from many wisdom traditions, and infused with a myriad of therapeutic styles and coaching tools. It is a community providing opportunities and experiences to discover your self and center your soul.


The Soul Centered signature program for loss and grief, Spark Seekers, has provided thousands of people the needed guidance, tools and direction in transforming grief into meaning and discovering purpose within their loss. Spark Seekers Counseling & The Spark Seekers Grief Experience guides you on the journey from desperation to inspiration and darkness to light.


Soul Centered is a holistic (mind, body, spirit) approach to loss, healing and life. Soul Coaching & The Soul Experience provide a pathway for anyone seeking to navigate life’s crossroads, struggles, and tragedies, learning to expand their mind, open their heart and center their soul.


Soul Centered provides guidance and experiences to help you connect with your body and soul wisdom so you can heal emotionally, physically and spiritually. When you approach healing in this way, you gain the freedom to heal and become empowered to change your life.

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